Welcome to 4-H 1902 Exploding Bacon!

A 4-H and FIRST Robotics Competition Team.


Exploding Bacon is a 4-H Club that participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), Team 1902.  Our students strategize, design, build and program robots in a 6 week build season and compete

Problem Solving

Exploding Bacon is an award-winning FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), Team 1902 and 4-H Club.  Our students strategize, design, build and program a new robot each year and compete

STEM Advocates

Exploding Bacon students average more than 1,000 hours of volunteering in our community to inspire children to explore science, technology, engineering and math.

Oink Oink Boom!

Exploding Bacon places great emphasis on the value of gracious professionalism and good imagery, we help sustain other FIRST teams with information to improve recruitment and retention of students, mentors and sponsors and other workshops.

2019 World Championship Chairman's Award

We were honored to have earned the 2019 Championship Chairman’s Award at the Houston World Championships, surrounded by alumni and mentors from over the years that contibuted so much to our efforts and culture.

Playing with Robots

Mechanical, Electrical, Programming, Strategy, Pneumatics, are just a few of the skills our students learn to build and maintain our robots for competitions and demos.

Family & Friends

FIRST Robotics somehow manages to be different than any other program encouraging students to gain confidence to pursue any future profession with the support of a second family.

 19 years and counting…

Exploding Bacon Robotics Team 1902,
is a Central Florida 4-H club for High School aged students that among other things, participates in FIRST. Our students learn engineering, computer programming, and hands-on machinery skills, as well as the problem solving, strategic thinking, time management, public speaking, teamwork and leadership skills essential in any career. The goal is to inspire and support these youth members to continue on to higher education in trade schools and STEM programs in college.


FIRST World Championship
2019 Chairman’s Award

STEM Advocates

Throughout the year, Exploding Bacon students and mentors are active STEM advocates and participate in an average of 30-40 demonstrations and outreach events each year, averaging more than 1,000 student outreach hours per year. 
We regularly provide STEM
Summer Camps and Workshops.

Our two favorite programs have their own websites, click on the logos below to check them out.

Welcome to Exploding Bacon!

Exploding Science Resource Book

Exploding Bacon’s goal is to inspire children to explore science and technology. To better share STEM subjects with children beyond our local communities, Exploding Bacon compiled our 40 activities and experiments into our Exploding Science Resource Book. This book...

FIRST Alliances

"FIRST is a team, not working against each other, but working together against the odds." Exploding Bacon is excited to announce FIRST Alliances: a directory of FIRST teams and their outreach programs. This website helps teams share what they do best in order to...

Spark Science Kits

Spark Science Kits is a global outreach initiative by Exploding Bacon designed to inspire the imagination of children around the world. Our goal is to spread kits to children around the world that will light a spark of passion for science and technology for each and...


Visit www.firstlikeagirl.com  #FIRSTLikeAGirl strives to improve the culture of STEM by sharing the experiences of the successful women and girls in FIRST. By showcasing the many incredible women of FIRST and their stories, girls can find role models whom they...

2023-24 Season | Lights, camera, STEAM!

Under strict rules, with limited time and resources, FIRST® Robotics Competition teams use sophisticated technology to build and program industrial-sized robots to play an action-packed, alliance-based game on a themed field. With professional mentors and sponsors, students learn engineering and problem-solving skills that they can apply to real-world situations today and in the future. Each team creates a team identity, raises funds to meet its goals, and works to promote STEM in their community.

In CRESCENDOSM presented by Haas, a new challenge debuting January 6, 2024, FIRST® Robotics Competition teams will use their engineering skills and creative power to entertain and move the world.


Time till kickoff of the 2024 season!









Our Mission

Have fun doing cool things that help people.

Our Vision

Grow capable leaders who will make a positive impact.

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