Outreach 2009

All things bacon!

2009 was a great year for our outreach programs. Our members traversed all four corners of the Central Florida area to help our community in a wide variety of undertakings.

  • Florida State Fair Exhibitors
  • 4-H Eco-Saves Day Exhibitors
  • 8 Library robotic demonstration events
  • 2 Chick-Fil-a spirit nights
  • Chick-Fil-A thanksgiving baskets
  • Central Florida Fair Booth Exhibit
  • Back to school
  • Playground Lake Eola
  • Cattlemen pancake breakfast
  • Fluid Power Society presentation
  • FLL tournament unofficial scrimmage
  • Otronicon exhibit at Orlando Science Center
  • FLL team mentoring
  • Volunteering at FLL tournament at Colonial High School
  • FTC State Championship volunteers
  • FTC State Championship sponsor
  • FTC Lake Nona mentoring
  • 4H Central Florida Fair Exhibit Booth
  • 2 LAN parties
  • Lockheed Martin Bring daughter to workday
  • Lockheed Martin E-week
  • TNT-Fun-Time Coordinator
  • Sponsorship Dinner
  • Pigging Fundraiser- planting front yards with foam pigs
  • Special Olympics Emcee and Spirit Section
  • Bread of Life – food delivery program in West Orange County
  • Staffed FIRST booth at PTC USER World Event 2009

Bacon LAN Parties

Throughout 2009 Exploding Bacon fundraised by hosting several LAN parties at the 4-H center. We invited families, friends and classmates to come to play and compete with the team.

An Enduring Community Relationship

Our presense at the Orlando Science Center Otronicon was just the beginning of the numerous Orlando Science Center events we have worked over the years to build a strong FIRST presence to people of all ages in our community.

  • Otronicon since 2009
  • Make Fest
  • Women in Science
  • and more…