Outreach 2010

This year we continued our Outreach across many different events and demos!

Exploding Bacon believes that giving is just as important as receiving.  Since we have received so much…..we try to give back. We’re proud of the fact that we are able to do more each year.

  • Jan – Gave a presentation at the Colonial High School FLL tournament and showed them how our FTC bot worked.
  • Jan – Participated in Otronicon at the Orlando Science Center. Thousands visited our booth over the 4 day event.
  • Feb – Participated in Central Florida Fair 4H events.
  • Feb – Assisted FIRST at the Florida State FTC Championships with volunteers and clean-up.
  • April – Boy Scout Day at the UCF Arena. Teamed with BAD to staff a  booth and demoed to thousands of Scouts.
  • May – Attended the NASA Lunatics Mining Competition.
  • May – Presented an open house for Team 1875 discuss aspects of FIRST and demo bots.
  • June – Hosted The Central Florida Lego Challenge, a ‘Mini’ bot tournament for the Girl Scouts.
  • June – Demonstration for Aloma Methodist Church Summer Program.
  • June – Met with personnel from Indra Systems and got to try out their simulators.
  • June – Demonstration event for the Citrus Council of the Girl Scouts Summer Lego Camp.
  • June – Participated at the Annual Cattleman’s Breakfast Fundraiser.
  • June – FRC and FTC robots attended (and were a real hit) at the PTC users Convention.
  • June – Held 4 robot demonstration events at different library branches for Orange County Library System
  • July – Exploding Bacon hosts FLL coaches workshop at Lockheed Martin
  • Aug – 4H Kick-Off at the Orange County Extension Center had Exploding Bacon demo robots to 4H kids.
  • Nov -Kennedy Space Center- Exploding Bacon introduced our FTC bot to many astronauts!
  • Nov- Ongoing project where Team members provide math tutoring to Middle School kids.
  • Nov – Rockwell Automation Fair – FRC robot, ‘Bacon Strips’, performs for over 10,000 attendees!
  • Nov – Boys and Girls Clubs of Pine Hills. Helped FLL teams with set-up, programming and strategies.
  • Dec – Breakfast and a Movie – (Exploding) Bacon served up breakfast and team videos to 2 BAE Systems offices.
  • Dec – Our robot attended 3 science classes at the Good Shepard Catholic School and passed!
  • Dec – Participated with Chick-Fil-A to make over 100 bags of food for kids at local elementary schools.
  • All year – You will always see plenty of Exploding Bacon members volunteering at FIRST events.
  • Viral Video Project Great Fun!

An Enduring Community Relationship

Our presense at the NASA Mining Compeition was just the beginning of the numerous years we have volunteered to assist with NASA events.

    • NASA Mining Competition 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, & 2018
    • Dreamflight, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, & 2019
    • Astronauts Hall of Fame
    • and more…