What is the FIRST Impact Award?

Please note that from 1992–2022, this award was called the Chairman’s Award. As such, for teams, like 1902, who won during those years, you will see references to the “Chairman’s Award.”

The FIRST Impact Award is the most prestigious award at FIRST, it honors the team that best represents a model for other teams to emulate and best embodies the mission of FIRST. It was created to keep the central focus of FIRST Robotics Competition on the ultimate goal of transforming the culture in ways that will inspire greater levels of respect and honor for science and technology, as well as encouraging more of today’s youth to become science and technology leaders.

The FIRST Impact Award is presented to the team judged to best exemplify the true meaning of FIRST through measurable impact on participants, school, and the community at large with emphasis on promoting science and technology through FIRST programs.

The criterion for the FIRST Impact Award has a special emphasis on recent accomplishments within the last three years. The judges focus on teams’ activities over a sustained period, as distinguished from just the robot design and build period.

The FIRST Robotics Competition is not about machines; it is about the experience of people working together toward a shared goal. Documenting and preserving your team’s FIRST experience becomes an important component of the overall FIRST experience.

Our Chairman’s Award-winning presentation:

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2019 Essay

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Judge's Packet

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The Allaire Medal – Leadership Exemplified

The Allaire Medal recognizes leadership exemplified and is awarded to a student(s) on the team selected as the Chairman’s Awarded team. Named in honor of Paul A. Allaire, a long-serving FIRST Chairman of the Board, the Allaire Medal is given to the student(s) who has demonstrated outstanding leadership on his/her FIRST team, within his/her school and community and whose personal character best embodies the spirit of FIRST.

Ruhi Lankalapalli
Under Ruhi’s leadership, the team was awarded 4 Regional Chairman’s Awards, 2 Chairman’s Finalist awards and the 2019 Houston World Championship Chairman’s Award.

Robert Wood
With Robert’s contributions and commitment, the team was awarded 3 Regional Chairman’s Awards, 2 Chairman’s Finalist awards and the 2019 Houston World Championship Chairman’s Award.

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