Infinite Recharge: 2020

The Robot: The Hamdalorian

The Hamdalorian is Exploding Bacon’s 15th robot, built to play the 2020 FIRST Robotics Competition Game “FIRST RISE: INFINITE RECHARGE”. 

Built to play all aspects of Infinite Recharge, The Hamdalorian is equipped with an efficient, self-vectoring Power Cell intake, as well as a continuous elevator lift for climbing, and a shooter capable of 12,000 rpm. With a high gear of 16 fps, and low gear pushing power, The Hamdalorian can cross the field in any position. Using vision target tracking via limelight, The Hamdalorian can autonomously line up to the goal for a rapid shot. The Hamdalorian uses photoelectric sensors to count the number of Power Cells it has onboard, giving driver feedback. 






Name The Hamdalorian

Status Competitions Canceled, Demoing

Weight 114.2 lbs

Competition Results

2020 Competitions Canceled Due to Coronavirus

Robot Abilities

  • Elevator Climber
  • Vectoring Floor Intake
  • Flywheel Shooter
  • Vision Assisted Shooting