Our First Robot

Aim High 2006

Exploding Bacon’s first ever robot. Built in a mentors garage in 2006 with a drill press, a borrowed chopsaw (yes, chopsaw) and a small amount of hand tools. Designed to play the game ‘Aim High’ this 100 (eventually 119) pound machine was focused on the ‘low goal’ strategy, gaining less points per ball but keeping a consistent and quick flow of points going to the alliance. The game involved picking up ‘poof’ balls from the ground (that’s what the big roller in the front is for) and also receiving balls from a human player off field (that’s what the netting at the top is for) and scoring them into a number of different goals on the field. Because of it’s relative simplicity, and a lot of hard work from our software team, this robots Autonomous mode was amazingly consistent and helped make this robot a Regional Finalist, Highest Rookie Seed at two regionals, and a Championship Division Finalist.

Competition Results

  • Rookie All-Star Award, Florida Regional
  • Highest Rookie Seed, Florida Regional
  • Finalist, Florida Regional
  • Rookie Inspiration Award, Texas Regional
  • Highest Rookie Seed, Texas Regional
  • Archimedes Division Finalist, World Championship
  • Judges’ Award, Mission Mayhem