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2015 Exploding Science Summer Camps

Exploding Bacon announces our 2015 Exploding Science Summer Camp Schedule NEW experiments for 2015! Exploding Science camps are geared toward 3-5th grades. 3 sessions are available for 2015. June 8-12 | June 29-July 2 | August 3-7 Click here for more information about our 2015 Summer Camp Schedule 

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Exploding Bacon in the January, 2014 FIRST Newsletter

Exploding Bacon at the Learning 2013 Conference in the FIRST Newsletter – January, 2014 – FIRST Snapshots At Elliott Masie’s Learning 2013 conference in Orlando, Fla., local FIRST teams and supporters offered the “micro-experience” of driving and operating robots and a one-hour corporate workshop for executives utilizing reverse mentoring: Adult teams of four or five, with a FIRST student […]

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The Ultimate Ascent

Welcome to the 2013 FRC season and this years game, Ultimate Ascent! Yesterday we held a kickoff event with several teams from around central Florida and it was an amazing success, not only did everything go smoothly, but we got an amazing game to play for this season! The goal of the game is to […]

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IRI 2012

Our final record at IRI was 1-8, and although we didn’t win many matches,  have never been more proud of a group of my friends in my entire life. Since I joined bacon last year I have been to 4 regionals and championships, we have faced a lot of challenges at each and every one, […]

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Bacon’s back, to Worlds that is

Last year was the first year in our now seven FRC seasons that we did not qualify for championships, but this year 1902 is ready to bounce back onto the world stage. We are excited at the chance to test our robot “Porcus Magnus” against the rest of the world. We’re all prepared for installing […]

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Boca Begins

Today exploding bacon rides into the inaugural South Florida regional hoping to take it by storm and put on a show far above the level 1902 put on in Orlando. With several upgrades ready to be implemented as the day goes on, Porcus Magnus will change into a robot the likes of which it was […]

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Orlando recap and on to Boca!

It’s been less than a week since the Orlando regional wrapped up and the South Florida regional is already looming on the horizon. After passing inspection at 120.0 pounds (yes we like to cut it close) Bacon took home the imagery award as well as a nice semi finals finish. Beginning on thursday, we were […]

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