FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC)

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a multi-national competition with over 20,000 students on more than 2,000 teams. The FIRST Robotics Competition is a truly intensive six week adventure from the day the competition is announced to the date the team has to ship their robot off for the competition. Under the guidance of college and industry mentors, students work collaboratively to design, build and program a robot to be competitive at the competition.


The FIRST Robotics Competition teaches the students about brainstorming, real-world teamwork, project timelines and deadlines. Students gain experience in mechanical and electrical engineering, computer science, digital media, design, drafting, advertising, finance, fundraising, public relations and community service. This is an amazing opportunity for the students to showcase their academic abilities, technical talents and challenge themselves to achieve great things. Beyond the skills gained, students also benefit from over 15 million dollars in scholarships offered to FIRST participants in 2012.



  • Pit Safety Award, Orlando Regional
  • Chairman’s Award, Orlando Regional
  • Finalist, Bayou Regional
  • Spirit Award, Bayou Regional
  • Dean’s List (Ryan Shavell, 2017 Lead Programmer), Bayou Regional

2016: Stronghold

  • Quarter-finalist, Orlando Regional
  • Quarter-finalist, Rocket City Regional
  • Chairman’s Award, Rocket City Regional
  • Community Outreach Award, Roboticon

2015: Recycle Rush

  • Quarter-finalist, Georgia Southern Classic Regional
  • Chairman’s Award, Georgia Southern Classic Regional
  • Semi-finalist, Orlando Regional
  • Imagery Award, Orlando Regional
  • Pit Safety Award, World Championship
  • Spirit Award, Roboticon

2014: Aerial Assist

  • Engineering Inspiration Award, South Florida Regional
  • Alliance Winner, Panther Prowl

2013: Ultimate Ascent

  • Kamen Family Imagery Award, World Championship
  • Creativity Award, Orlando Regional
  • Alliance Winner, South Florida Regional
  • Chairman’s Award, South Florida Regional
  • Dean’s List (Kris Walters, 2012-13 Co-President), South Florida Regional

2012: Rebound Rumble

  • Imagery Award, Orlando Regional
  • Semi-finalist, Orlando Regional
  • Engineering Inspiration Award, South Florida Regional
  • Dean’s List (Katie Austin, 2011-12 Co-President), South Florida Regional
  • Semi-finalist, South Florida Regional
  • Finalist, Panther Prowl

2011: Logomotion

  • Governor’s Award, Orlando Regional
  • Animation Award, Orlando Regional
  • Dean’s List (Marissa Goldberg, 2010-11 Co-President), Orlando Regional
  • Finalist, Orlando Regional
  • Gracious Professionalism Award, Palmetto Regional
  • Semi-finalist, Palmetto Regional

2010: Breakaway

  • Chairman’s Award, Orlando Regional
  • Imagery Award, Orlando Regional
  • Alliance Winner, North Carolina Regional
  • Industrial Design sponsored by General Motors, North Carolina Regional

2009: Lunacy

  • Animation Award, Florida Regional
  • Johnson & Johnson Gracious Professionalism Award, Florida Regional
  • Autodesk Visualization Award, Florida Regional
  • Alliance Winner, Connecticut Regional
  • Alliance Winner, Kissimmee Robot Rodeo
  • Alliance Winner, Tempest In Tampa

2008: Overdrive

  • Entrepreneurship Award, Florida Regional
  • Motorola Quality Award, Bayou Regional
  • Team Spirit Award, Indiana Robotics Invitational
  • Alliance Winner, Mission Mayhem
  • Team Spirit Award, Tempest In Tampa

2007: Rack ‘n Roll

  • Galileo Division Winner, World Championship
  • Imagery Award, Florida Regional
  • Finalist, Florida Regional
  • GM Industrial Design Award, Nevada Regional
  • Team Spirit Award, Indiana Robotics Invitational
  • Finalist, Tempest In Tampa
  • Best Autonomous, Tempest In Tampa

2006: Aim High

  • Archimedes Division Finalist, World Championship
  • Rookie All-Star Award, Florida Regional
  • Highest Rookie Seed, Florida Regional
  • Finalist, Florida Regional
  • Rookie Inspiration Award, Texas Regional
  • Highest Rookie Seed, Texas Regional
  • Judges’ Award, Mission Mayhem

Age Levels: High School students

Link to FIRST:

Season: year round
Deadline to join 2016 Season: January 19, 2017
2017 Season opens July 18, 2016

FRC Lead:
Elise Cronin-Hurley, Email

Click here for Current Students and Officers