#FIRSTLikeAGirl strives to improve the culture of STEM by sharing the experiences of the successful women and girls in FIRST. By showcasing the many incredible women of FIRST and their stories, girls can find role models whom they identify with and are inspired by.  Through this social media campaign, we empower girls with the confidence to overcome cultural pressures, follow their dreams in STEM, and become active members of the FIRST community. We improve the culture of STEM by providing role models to inspire girls to become the next generation of science and technology leaders.

Now we have instructions on how you can create your own video and the artwork for buttons and boards.

It is our mission to encourage girls and women everywhere to realize their opportunities, actively participate and thrive in the FIRST community and give back the encouragement we have found from each other.

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To view the complete supporting data from our 2019 Chairman's Submission (now refered to as the FIRST Impact Award), check out our full Judge's Packet on our FIRST Hall of Fame page.