THe Hamdalorian Season 2

2021 Infinite Recharge

The Hamdalorian Season 2 is Exploding Bacon’s 16th robot, made to play the 2021 FIRST Robotics Competition Game “FIRST RISE: INFINITE RECHARGE”.

The Hamdalorian Season 2 has a wide roller intake, capable of maintaining control of multiple Power Cells at once. This paired with the brushed spindexer system the robot has allows for all 5 balls to be stored in the rotating belly of Hamdo. This robot also marks the first time Exploding Bacon used a swerve drive, specifically 4 Swerve Specialty MK 2 Modules. The rotating turret under the shooter marks another first for the team, allowing a greater range of motion for the robot to launch from. Additionally, the Dual Falcon powered flywheel shooter with an actuated hood only furthers the possibility of where the Hamdalorian Season 2 is able to shoot from on the field.  This topped off with 2 Telescoping Climbers on either side of robot both finish the slick look of Hamdo, while also allowing for endgame climb points. 


Name: The Hamdalorian Season 2

Weight: 114.2 Pounds

Status: Competitions Canceled

Robot Abilities

Flywheel Shooter

MK2 Swerve Drive

Brushed Spindexer System

Vision Assisted Shooting

Competition Results

2021 Competitions Canceled Due to Coronavirus