Disco Pig

Logomotion 2011

Bacon’s 2011 robot, Disco Pig, looks very familiar doesn’t it…

Well that could be for a number of reasons, you could have noticed the similarity to Fire Pig, the four bar linkage grew up a bit, or you saw it on Fox 35 morning news promoting the Orlando Science Center’s Gaming Expo, Otronicon. Either way there is a bit more to it than meets the eye.

The game that year, Logomotion, celebrated 20 years of FIRST. During the matches teams were tasked with picking up inner tubes made to look like the shapes of the FIRST logo and place them in the proper order on a vertical rack. Disco Pig (or the Good Ship Bacon, it kinda does look like a sailboat) accomplished this by using an upgraded version of our 2007 linkage, and adding a roller claw and an elevator on the back of the arm where it mounts. This allowed our arm to maintain the horizontal orientation of the tubes and also reach the top of the scoring rack.

Disco Pig had a moderately successful season and was a Regional Finalist.

Competition Results

  • Governor’s Award, Florida Regional
  • Animation Award, Florida Regional
  • Dean’s List (Marissa G, 2010-11 Co-President), Florida Regional
  • Finalist, Florida Regional
  • Gracious Professionalism Award, Palmetto Regional
  • Semi-finalist, Palmetto Regional