Outreach 2008

All things bacon! 

Bacon works very hard to spread the message of FIRST though-out the year. Here are some of our outreach events of 2008:

  • Library presentations
  • Shuttle launch
  • 4-H Lego robotics camp (Summer)
  • Girls and Boys Scouts
  • Presentations to companies
  • Mall Madness Lego Tournament
  • Dark SkyFestival-Harmony,FL
  • Wall∙E Premiere
  • TNT fun-time coordinator
  • WaterfordEducation Festival
  • Take Your Child to Work Day
  • Engineering Week
  • FTC Central Florida Kick-off Host
  • OrangeCounty CentralFloridaFair
  • FTC FloridaStateCompetition Host
  • Robots In Action!
  • Exploding Bacon has partnered with the Orange County Library System to bring our program “Robots in Action” to many of the 14 branches of the Library.  The students brought robots, big and small, all overOrangeCounty.   Our target age group was middle schoolers.