Walrus Pig

Overdrive 2008

1902’s 2008 robot ‘Walrus Pig’ was built to play Overdrive, a race like game with the added element of 4 40 inch ‘Trackballs’ that were designed to be carried around the track and ‘Hurdled’ over an 8 foot high platform. This robot was designed to reach out and pick up these trackballs by pushing the whole upper assembly out so that the wheels on the end of the arm roll the ball in towards the ‘Tusks’ trapping it there.

While the robot never stole the show at any of our events it had very few mechanical problems and won the Motorola Quality award at the Bayou Regional in New Orleans.

Competition Results

  • Entrepreneurship Award, Florida Regional
  • Motorola Quality Award, Bayou Regional
  • Team Spirit Award, Indiana Robotics Invitational
  • Alliance Winner, Mission Mayhem
  • Team Spirit Award, Tempest In Tampa