2022 Rapid React

Hamazon is Exploding Bacon’s 17th robot, made to play the 2022 FIRST Robotics Competition Game “Rapid React”.

Hamazon is fitted with custom intake wheels to achieve a touch and go like intake, to maintain multiple cargo at once. Once it enters the robots indexer, it is directly brought into the superstructure ready to be shot into the goal. Our fast intake speed along with the use of a Limelight, Hamazon is able to quickly align itself to shoot from multiple pre-determined locations. Bacon went back to tank drive this year using precise machining which allowed Hamazon to turn on a dime. The climber however, is one of the most complicated parts of Hamazon. Using 4 different pistons and 3 Falcon 500s, Hamazon is able to get to the traversal bar in under 30 seconds. While building Hamazon, our electrical team paid special attention to the wiring and kept it all in one accessible back space, improving our capabilities for quick maintenance and repairs.


Name: Hamazon

Weight: 123 Pounds

Status: Demonstrations


Robot Abilities

6 Wheel West Coast Tank

Traversal Climb Ability

Vision Assisted Shooting

Competition Results

Engineering Inspiration Award
Tallahassee Regional

FIRST Championship Houston
Roebling Division

Roboticon, Off-Season