3D Perception

3D Perception Sponsored Exploding Bacon this year
by donating the FRC 2013 Season Build Space.

build 102

Our build space front doors

3D perception enables immersive, engaging, and meaningful visual experiences for simulation and control center applications. 3D perception is widely recognized for its innovative products for seamlessly combining visuals from multiple projectors on curved screens. 3D perception is devoted to providing high quality, high value visualization solutions, from design to installation to support.

3D perception Product Highlight: 3D perception’s Northstar System is the best end-to-end solution available to provide visual display for simulation today.

build 146

Our spacious 2013 work area

The 3Dp Northstar System provides image processing, modular, sensor-enabled screens and the top level experience necessary to design, deliver and support your simulation visual display. nBox is a next-generation image processor at the core of Northstar. nBox provides a seamless display across all screen shapes and sizes while it scales, warps, blends and color corrects the images.