BAE Systems

BEA Systems

BAE Systems gave a Monetary Donation to Exploding Bacon for the 2013 Build Season.

BAE Systems provides many different products and services:

  • CYBER & INTELLIGENCE – work with government and commercial clients to collect and manage information to provide intelligence, maintain security, manage risk and strengthen resilience in today’s complex operating environment.
  • MILITARY & TECHNICAL SERVICES – ‘smart services’ ensure customers obtain maximum value from their assets while keeping costs to a minimum.
  • DEFENSE – In the air, on land and at sea design, develop, manufacture and integrate defense systems and equipment.
  • SECURITY – play a key role in this developing market where protecting people, assets and infrastructure, and maintaining national security and economic stability are paramount.
  • ELECTRONICS & SYSTEMS INTEGRATION – have operations spanning commercial and defense electronics markets offering a broad portfolio of mission critical electronic systems.
  • IT & INFORMATION SYSTEMS – provide managed IT operations and business solutions, comprehensive analysis and threat assessments to a wide range of customers.
  • CONSULTANCY SERVICES – consultancy services put us right beside our customers, enabling us to understand their challenges and develop solutions that absolutely suit their needs.