Help a Robotics Student

Robots need you. Please donate today

Monthly giving is an incredibly efficient way to support your favorite student and Exploding Bacon! Friends and family like it because it's easy to budget and it feels great to be making a difference for that special student. Students love it because more time can be spent designing and constructing our 2014 robot.
$10 Ham Sandwich
At $10 a month, you can put a smile on the face and the pork belly full at the Orlando Regional.
$20 Ham & Cheese
For $20 a month, lunches will be provided both the Orlando *AND* South Florida Regional giving your student energy ham it up and shout the favorite cheer: OINK, OINK BOOM!
$25 Hog Hauler
$25 a month helps provides cool wheels to transport your student and all their pig related baggage to the South Florida Regional.
$50 Sleeping Piggy
When you spend $50 a month, you provide robot filled dreams and fluffy pillows at a South Florida Regional hotel.
$100 Whole Hog
Make a student's season! For only $100 per month covers much of the costs for attending both the Orlando and South Florida regional for your student. With less worries on raising funds, your student now has more time to build an awesome robot!
Just select the level of donation you would like to help a student with and we will contact you to verify which student you would like to help.