Strategic Planning

Since the summer of 2014 Exploding Bacon Robotics Team 1902 has met every summer to take an intentional approach to planning our seasons. We meet for an entire Saturday during the Summer to add to our Strategic Plan, brainstorm ideas, set goals, define our values, goals, action items and more to propel EB into the next year and beyond.

Being a team in high demand for demos, we had become very reactive to opportunities as they came along and the projects/goals that we excitedly looked forward to in May had suddenly become lost opportunities by the first Saturday of January.

At our first planning meeting we brainstormed more than 500 ideas in 15 breakout sessions. Many good ideas came out of the sessions that soon came to be goals for our team. Committees were formed, and goals are being accomplished each year.

This planning session has become an annual event. We most recently met June 2019. The team is always posting notes to the walls and white boards and looking forward to developing new ideas, evaluating how we did the past year and moving forward with a stronger, more purposefully directed team schedule with guided leadership and maintaining the heart of Exploding Bacon.

Over the past five years we have achieved such goals as:

  • securing a year-round build space
  • establishing sub-teams
  • starting an international outreach program
  • budgeting and planning for a practice robot