The Ultimate Ascent

Welcome to the 2013 FRC season and this years game, Ultimate Ascent! Yesterday we held a kickoff event with several teams from around central Florida and it was an amazing success, not only did everything go smoothly, but we got an amazing game to play for this season! The goal of the game is to retrieve frisbees  shoot them into goals, and then climb a pyramid that’s 10 feet tall! If you want to see more specifically what we have to do make sure to watch the game animation on our home page so you can see just what we’ve gotten ourselves into for the next 6 weeks of build season!

Speaking of build season, we’re excited to start work today in our new build space hosted by the amazing company 3D perception! They do amazing work with visual displays and visualization applications, make sure to check them out on our sponsors page. Today we are going to finalize our strategy and hopefully begin designing so that we can prototype in the coming days. It’s going to be an amazing season filled with “oinks”, “booms”, and most of all, “WATCH OUT FOR THE FRISBEE!!!”

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