Virtual Presentations

Despite the cancelation of many outreach events, our team continues to spread STEM through many virtual conferences encompassing many aspects of our team!



Exploding Bacon is proud to present as part of 24 Hours of STEM, a virtual conference filled with amazing presentations from all around the world! We presented on June 16 & December 18, discussing the Chairman’s Presentation as part of the FIRST Hall of Fame section of the conference. The recorded calls can be found at the 24 Hours of STEM youtube channel, or check out more about 24 Hours of STEM here.

#FIRSTLikeAGirl Inspire Series

#FIRSTLikeAGirl, one of our team’s original initiatives, hosted an Inspire podcast, featuring interviews from 4 successful women in STEM and blog posts to inspire the next generation of female engineers. This program ran from September 19th to November 6th, attracting many interactions that furthered Bacon’s mission of spreading STEM. Check out our #FIRSTLikeAGirl Instagram page for more information.

Capital City Classic

Exploding Bacon was invited to speak at the annual Capital City Classic workshop under 2 categories, both the Outreach for Success and the Chairman’s panel.  These workshops cover many areas of the FRC experience, from marketing to robot design, and spanned over 2 days. Both panels that Bacon students participated in were recorded and can be found here. For more information, visit the capital city website here.

Chairman's Q&A Session

The official FIRST Hall of Fame held a Q&A session with a handful of Hall of Fame teams. This session included 74 questions asked in the chat, which were then organized into 14 categories over 23 pages. Exploding Bacon was invited to send a representative to answer these questions, providing great insight for anyone interested in the Chairman’s Award. The live stream was recorded and can be found on the website.

Chairman's Jumpstart Your Journey

1902 had the opportunity to present at the 5th annual international MAC Conference, where we were invited due to our extensive outreach and experience with the Chairman’s award. Alongside a separate presentation by 1678 Citrus Circuits, the 2015 World Champion, Exploding Bacon delivered a Chairman’s Jumpstart Your Journey presentation on August 2-4.

Big Bacon Theory of Imagery and Marketing

One of our world-famous presentations, The Big Bacon Theory of Image & Marketing, was presented for FLL teams to help them maintain a strong social media presence and succeed in a virtual world. This presentation was on October 20th and was a success for all the teams that attended. Since we were unable to present at the World Championships like we do every year, we did not want to miss any opportunity to present to FLL teams.

Sneaky Snakes Winter Workshop

The Sneaky Snakes Winter Workshop is another international workshop that Exploding Bacon was invited to. With a vast array of presentations from many teams, Bacon was able to present both Hall Of Fame Chairman’s and #FIRSTLikeAGirl, 2 of the things that our team is best known for.